Free Your Mind

It is not about what you think right now.
It is not about what you feel.
It is not about how many words you can say.
It is not about the music you are listening to.
It is not about where you are right now.
It is not about your situation.
It is not about whom you love.
It is not about whom you hate.
It is not about when you are going to start.
It is not about when you are going to stop.
It is not about how many.
It is not about how much.

It is not even about you.
It is not about me.
It is not about us.

It is not about what the world dictates.
It is not about today.
It is not about the future.

It is about choices.
It is about the truth.

That no matter how we try to live best,
Freeing one’s mind from all the questions in this life
remains a challenge.

How do you free your mind?



Chords and Lyrics by: ME

As the day goes nearer
I can’t help but wonder
Will I ever get to see you
And be crazy like we used to

As the sun begins to fade
Know that I will never change
One day I’ll see you soon
And be together as we used to

Miles apart we will soon be
But my heart and mind knows enough
I will stay with no bounds
Wait until I see you again
Wait until I see you again

Blissful moments that we shared
Too glad you became a friend
To this broken and fragile heart
That now has a stronger part

This promise that I’ll keep you
‘Til forever you know it’s true
I will never be too far gone
Never ever too far gone

This song is dedicated exclusively for my best friend. I am grateful for having you in my life. 🙂

Mood Swing In Writing

So today I am praying that my writing skills won’t fail me.

With Alanis Morisette’s music being played in my ear, I need to complete a roughly 30-page newsletter for the organization that I am involved in as a volunteer. This is due anytime today but my writing skills have been failing me to the fullest for the past days.

 Juggling with words along the paragraphs stressed both my mind and hands but whenever my mind cooperates, my hands just type words out of the blue ( words from out of the blue that make sense… I think…)

 After completing at least 5 pages, I now settled to stop and keep my mind fresh by venting out what is going through my heart and mind now.

 I love this kind of job, the documentation and stuff such as what I am doing now but I can’t seem to get it whenever I have to beat a deadline and this would happen, I’d be lost for words and won’t be able to type even a decent paragraph.

 I don’t know with others but I have this mood swing in writing, a time when I can write as fluid as I possibly can then in another second would not feel like writing anything at all. Am I impatient, lazy, too tired to come up with at least a good write up? I always wonder. I always think I should be at the top of what I write about but truth would just be right in front of my face writing this line: You are never satisfied with whatever it is that you do!

 Yes, I may never be satisfied at some point but the thing is, I am still grateful that I am able to write.  I no longer call myself as a frustrated writer. So long as I can write and deal with words out of my heart and the simplicity of my mind, I am a writer blessed with the simplicity and beauty that comes with it.

Dragged Myself to Write? No!

So today I dragged myself to anything that I could possibly do and accomplish. I know that Monday was supposed to be a day for rest, (at least for someone who spends his/her day in a full time volunteerism in the ministry) but I couldn’t complain more. I love what I do and there is nothing to regret about except of what I am feeling right now.

I have to accomplish paperworks that are due tomorrow for a presentation and yet I am feeling my immune system at its low moment. Last night, while I was in one of our churches in Bulacan (a 2-3 hour travel from home), I had colds attack and my body cannot seem to recuperate by itself because of the intoxicated turn of events while we were there.

1. Water supply from the community was shut down all at once. (This only happens in the Philippines, I guess)

2.  Our electric stove won’t work. (for the first time in its history)

3. The children were too loud and way out of control. (some of them were not present and yet their noise was just the same)

4. My runny nose started to have its way and was beyond my control (until today)

5. And I can say the least, a crazy jeepney ride on our way back to Manila (and I say, really crazy)

So today, I dragged myself to get up while my body was not feeling it, dragged myself to take a bath, eat breakfast, go to work, and eat lunch. I usually write when I am driven to do so, when I have the energy but not today, I feel my body pulling away from anything that I am doing but my brain just won’t stop and I think that’s a good sign, a good thing. Did I just drag myself to write? No way! No matter how this day turns out to be, even if I have to drag myself to doing the things that are needed to be done, I am still grateful. I am privileged to still have a work, a work that is mostly paid by heavenly currency. I am blessed and with confidence I can say, I am healed! Thank You Jesus!