Free Your Mind

It is not about what you think right now.
It is not about what you feel.
It is not about how many words you can say.
It is not about the music you are listening to.
It is not about where you are right now.
It is not about your situation.
It is not about whom you love.
It is not about whom you hate.
It is not about when you are going to start.
It is not about when you are going to stop.
It is not about how many.
It is not about how much.

It is not even about you.
It is not about me.
It is not about us.

It is not about what the world dictates.
It is not about today.
It is not about the future.

It is about choices.
It is about the truth.

That no matter how we try to live best,
Freeing one’s mind from all the questions in this life
remains a challenge.

How do you free your mind?


Life As We (Don’t) Know It

I don’t know everything about life, sometimes it seems nothing but an endless maze. You live once, struggle to survive, and the next thing you know, you’re done. What is existence after all and why does it matter if it will end anyway?

There will always be and ending to every beginning
A finish line to every starting point
An arrival to every departure

You see life has an endpoint of what most people are afraid to face, DEATH. Vanity, vanity, vanity, says Solomon in his songs of songs. Life is meaningless.

You win some, you lose some
You love, you hurt
You laugh and you cry

The world that we live in today is not getting any better. I can hardly imagine how the future of the children will look like 10 or 20 years from today. Everything has started to end.

What I am writing about seems pessimistic but Truth cannot be compromised. All good and even wicked things will eventually have to end and what really matters is to know where all these things lead to.

What is really at the end of every rainbow?
Is there really a pot of treasure?
What is behind the ending of every love story?
Is there really a happily-ever-after in real romance? 

What is there after death? Will a dead person really have to face Peter, holding his rooster before we enter God’s rest? Can we really see Jesus face to face? Do we get to heaven or to the scariest place called hell? Is there really another beginning to every ending when it comes to facing the inevitable oblivion?

There are still a lot more of questions like these and nothing or no one will have the answer if we don’t seek the Truth. It is easy to just believe about anything and everything that this world dictates but seeking the Truth is more than just believing. It is actually living it. Seeking God seems easy but it is not. It is like finding treasures in a rocky mountain. It pains, one has to struggle but the more your dependence on Him heightens, you will find Him walking with you. He will provide you with what you need, with much of His love, protection and presence. That’s how God is.

If you really want to find the treasure of knowing God personally, regardless of beliefs and other indifferences in human perspective, the first step is just to accept the Truth that there is no other way up to heaven but through Jesus. Open your heart and mind to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Read His Word (The Truth), come to Him as you are. Nothing is more exciting than to walk through this life with purpose and knowing where you are going to.

Where Do I Begin (Again)?


Where do I begin to write?  I ask myself today. To write or not to write at all. That has always been a clear point to me. I wonder how many times I typed a lengthy paragraph or a poem that is nearly done, then all of a sudden click CTRL+A, followed by the backspace or delete button. I am certain that I wasted a lot. Today I do have so much to say and share (again) but my mind is too cluttered with so much things that make me not know where to begin, and that is a dilemma, a major one,  I know for sure.

FOCUS. I think I lost it. I think I never had it. I always thought that multitasking gets many things done in a breeze. I used to do that. I am that. Little did I know that I was basking myself to a world of mediocrity. Yes, in mediocrity. People think that I have it all under control but I don’t. I lack focus. I lack discipline. Who knows about that? Just me, and now including you. 

There are things in my life that I’ve done that I am never proud of. Some habits. I could never take back any minute that has passed in my life but who else to blame, what else to do? We all live in the world of uncertainty and well, vanity, but past is done and can never be undone. I don’t live a life of regrets now. I have chosen to forgive. I have chosen to live. I have chosen to love myself, others. Yet past is a traitor. It creeps in sometimes, most of the time when things and thoughts are just idle. Oh how I wish I could just skip the moment. That moment when I am having this countless flashbacks of “what-could-have-happened-if-this-and-that” 

ACHIEVER. I cannot call myself that anymore. I settle for less in one area or another. It feels like things should be rushed and done with my own timetable, a timetable which I use to manage well but now? Idk. I know, I may sound like I’m exploiting myself to a possibility of dislikes from people who think I am all that, a super woman, someone worth looking up to, the people who are inspired in the way I live my life but this is me, telling the world that I am not perfect and never will become one, just graced with so much love and favor of an Almighty Father.

PASSION/MOTIVATION. What do I really want to do? What do I really want to achieve?  What do I really want to become? Is this the right time to ask myself these questions? Haven’t I asked myself these when I was still on my early 20s? I think I did. I think I knew, but maybe I have forgotten, maybe I want something else. I don’t know. Is this a normal thing that every nearly 30s woman will think and feel, when all of a sudden you find yourself missing out on big things? Tell me about it.

I think am finally seeing myself as a human, not a robot. I cannot do things in my own power, I don’t even possess one (without Jesus working in and through me, of course), so to speak. Oh God… God has always been waiting for me to just give up this kind of lifestyle that I live, a lifestyle of vanity sandwiched with the bitter taste of mediocrity and idleness. This has to stop. I don’t have all the time in the world. This has to change, today.

Where do I begin (again)?

A question of “where” that is not answerable by a certain place can be the hardest to figure out. -amd

Just Yes or No

Most of our questions in life are answerable by YES or NO and that I say is just plain and simple. Many of us do not want to be in a “IT’S COMPLICATED” state and yet sometimes we choose to complicate our lives, decisions, emotions, and that eventually leads to complicated actions.

People tend to play-it-safe when being asked with easy-to-difficult questions. They’d like to prove their answers with endless explanations, reasoning, and most of the time, excuses. I woke up today with fluid and crystal clear thoughts about being sure with what you stand for, about being direct-to-the-point, about being honest, and about being bold to answer questions that are answerable by simply YES or NO. I strongly believe that life is simple and beautiful and nothing in life can be too complicated… unless we start allowing them to be so.


YES or NO. Think about it. Pick your choice. Stand by it. Do you think that’s possible? I believe so. Now I’ll try to put up three questions answerable by yes or no but with progression. Let’s see.

The easy part. (Basic Information)

1.1. Did you have your breakfast already? No.

1.2. Do you go to church every week? Yes.

1.3. Are you working? Yes.

I say this is pretty basic because these questions are mostly in general and in a daily routine of individuals and can be answered even without further explanations. Simple and plain.

Next would be a little bit harder but can still be uncomplicated, if the person being asked would likely keep thoughts to himself/herself. These are the questions when we feel explaining ourselves a little bit further.

2.1. Did you enjoy eating your breakfast the other day at the X-Cafe? Uhmm, yes, I think so. (at the back of his mind: …but I think I didn’t eat enough. I liked the food but it would have been great if I also tried their strong black coffee as well.)

2.2. Are you happy whenever you go to your church every week? Yes! (with all excitement) We have a real great praise and worship team, the people there are cool and friendly. I love everything and everyone there. (thoughts here were expressed vocally)

2.3. Do you love your work and everything you do in your job? Yes! Of course! This is where I get to earn income and I don’t see myself not earning this much but I’d also love to consider going abroad so I can practice what I really love to do and what  I am passionate about. I love my job, yes but I wish I could be more than just a regular employee (now a little bit on top of just everything. don’t you think?)

I believe people are very intelligent in many ways. We can’t help it. We, most of the time feel the urge to say something more, to elaborate more than what we were asked about. That’s reality and has been a norm.

The third set of questions can be more intriguing and really challenging to the other person being asked but then, still answerable by just yes or no.

3.1. I saw you the other day having breakfast with someone at the X-Cafe. Is that your ex-girlfriend? NO! (even if the scenario can be true) I will never see my ex-girlfriend anymore. I love my wife and my children and I will never do that to them. What makes you think I can cheat on my wife? Don’t you dare judge me! You don’t even know everything about me. (Defensive to the fullest. Is the question still simple? I know so.)

3.2. I feel that the church you are attending is really a great place huh, I bet you never had any issue with your relationships with others. Is that true? (Now a beautiful smile can turn into a frown or…) Hmm, Yes! I’m a very good person. I never hate any say something bad about other people. I am very religious and people love having me around. I have many friends. (Can this be real? Can’t we be just more honest with ourselves?)

3.3. Are you always faithful with your schedule at work? No. (Now that’s honesty!)but I have better reasons why I sometimes get late. I value my time, really.  I love my work. I may have been unfaithful in keeping with my schedule but I’m one of the best employees. I take care of a lot of things and I complete my tasks everyday even if I got in late. I am not a bad employee. I love my job! (now that’s a full blast of explanation!)

See the difference? I can put up a lot of harder to hardest questions answerable by just yes or no but I’d rather have you observe this on your own. Again, I say, life is simple an beautiful. Do not complicate it. Enjoy living every moment of your life.