Free Your Mind

It is not about what you think right now.
It is not about what you feel.
It is not about how many words you can say.
It is not about the music you are listening to.
It is not about where you are right now.
It is not about your situation.
It is not about whom you love.
It is not about whom you hate.
It is not about when you are going to start.
It is not about when you are going to stop.
It is not about how many.
It is not about how much.

It is not even about you.
It is not about me.
It is not about us.

It is not about what the world dictates.
It is not about today.
It is not about the future.

It is about choices.
It is about the truth.

That no matter how we try to live best,
Freeing one’s mind from all the questions in this life
remains a challenge.

How do you free your mind?


Thoughts Management

In as much as I’d like to keep my schedule and tasks organized daily, I still fail and I think that is just okay (well, sometimes) but I really have to stay focus. No delays, no hesitations, no buts and ifs, no turning back. I have to get back in the game.

I am on my 3rd week of my discipline of thoughts and I can say that thoughts are the toughest to battle… especially when the heart stops cooperating. Managing of thoughts is one of the bravest steps that I could ever do in this lifetime.

I can be classified as a mellow-dramatic type of person. I thought of it as one of my weaknesses but that thought started to change when I started viewing it in a different light. I am grateful for my friends, for my true friends who really, truly know me to the core and appreciate me for who I am. There were times that I thought people will hate me for being who I am but I couldn’t be grateful enough to my Maker, for creating me exactly what He wants me to be.

Life is hard, I thought. But no matter how hard life is, it can still be beautiful. It’s a matter of perspective, really. Anyway, I’d like to tell you how I handled my thoughts during idle moments, at least five of what I have been trying my best to work on with.

 1. Beat that Habit! – I have this habit of not getting up at once in the morning. I always take a moment to think some thoughts through, remember what I have dreamt of during the night, try to organize my things-to-do for the whole day in my head, until I feel some of the emotions that I had to acknowledge and process. Hurtful moments can be the most distracting. They pin me to bed for not just few minutes but sometimes for forever. From then on, I’ll just realize that my morning is almost done, then that would make me accomplish less and not want to do anything anymore.

 Solution: Open the eyes wide, embrace the morning breeze, thank God for another day and hope for the best. If negative emotions and thoughts come crashing down, get up! I have my iPod on my bedside to keep me away from bed. The moment I start listening to music, I start moving and working out. If I am able to work out in the morning, that will hype me to work with all my heart, mind, and strength.

 2. Late Night Madness – I usually stay up late, watching tv series, movies, and some sort of stuff. For the past months, I had to deal with my wounded heart. I realized that night was the hardest part of the day when you’re trying to move forward. I couldn’t get myself to sleep even if I worked myself out the whole day. I usually have to cry myself to sleep.

Solution: I say this is the hardest but can be done. I started to stop overthinking and listening to my heart and mind for a little while. I listened to my body and started sleeping as early as possible. Thankfully, the earliest was 10 in the evening. That was a great step to begin with. My heart and mind, including my body started functioning well.

3. Music is My Soul – What you listen to can make or break you. I appreciate music, I love music. I can’t live without it, without singing and even playing any of the instruments I know. It is my life, my soul. Yet I have realized one thing, it can also be destructive sometimes especially when it starts piercing my soul to its bottom. I usually choose my playlist depending on what I feel and think about.

Solution: I refrained from listening to mellow and overly dramatic music, and with that I meant even the instrumentals. There were times that I had to quickly change it before my mind can figure out that I need to take in every beat, rhythm, and words in it. I know this may sound crazy but that is how it works for me. And no matter how hard it was, I was still able to enjoy listening to my alternative trying-to-get-better music. Christian Music I say is the best, classical is nutrients to the brain.

4. You are what you eat! – Balanced diet can be difficult for us. Most of us don’t really care if we are eating the right food at the right time especially when means are just at hand. My body system has always been unruly especially when I am in low moments. I used to eat a lot when I am going through tough times but just a year ago, I started losing weight because of not being able to eat on time, worse, not eating at all.

Solution: Since I get to sleep early, get up light the next day, work out, I will really have to have my breakfast. Since it is in the morning that I usually want to keep on moving, I set a 15-minute focused breakfast meal. I started disciplining myself by eating right at the right time, and at the right place, (not in bed but in the dining area). I usually eat lunch late but I put an effort now to eat on the dot! Dinner can be skipped sometimes but not all the time. I started to love eating bread in between meals but not much of it. Junk food abstinence is a must. I am still working on this.

5. Water your head! – If water can just wash away the negative thoughts, I will drown myself with it. There were countless of times that I told myself that I would drink not just enough water for the whole day but I always fail. My busy schedule has always been my excuse. I believed that I can accomplish more if I won’t have to keep on going to the restroom by avoiding too much water intake. I got it all wrong, right?

Solution: Not going out without a tumbler or a bottle of water is still something I am working on but when at home, I started drinking few glasses of water. Water never tasted as good as when I realized how this helps my brain and heart function well. I also resolved to drink pure coconut water for better rehydration. It calms my body system.

Life is hard and beautiful. Discipline and a right and positive perspective should be in one’s bag to carry in every moment.

Manage your thoughts before they start managing you.